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Readings that matter to Okinawa
This page offers a selection of books and publications in English that introduce Okinawan martial arts and topics pertinent to Okinawa. More than quantity, we strive for quality. However, if there is a title that you might be interested in that is not listed below, please contact us and we will try to help you in your research. Contact us
Okinawa Traditional Kobudo 2nd Edition

Description: Kobudo book from Nakamoto Masahiro

Price: 3500 yen (Approx. 45 US$)

Martial Arts and Fine Arts

Description: The latest book by Kobudo master and painter Nakamoto Masahiro

Price: 3,500 yen - Approx. 42 US$ (shipping included)

The habu hunter

Description: A manga by Shinzato Kenshin

Price: 1,900 yen - Approx. 23 US$ (shipping included)

Dining in chopstick societies

Description: A book on chopsticks by Gordon Warner

Price: 3,600 yen - Approx. 43 US$ (SOLD OUT)

Okinawa Reversion era

Description: A picture book about the time before and after 1972

Price: 3,200 yen - Approx. 39 US$ (shipping included)

Timeline of Karate History

Description: Karate book from Hokama Tetsuhiro

Price: 3,600 yen - Approx. 30 US$ (shipping included)

Okinawa Shomen (Les Façades d'Okinawa)

Description: A new discovery of Okinawa

Price: 3,400 yen - Approx. 41 US$ (SOLD OUT)

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