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Okinawa Traditional Kobudo
(2nd Edition)

Introduction to kobudo and the karate kobudo masters of Shurite
  • Author: Nakamoto Masahiro
  • About this author: Nakamoto Masahiro is the first Hanshi 10th dan black belt and the president of the Okinawa Prefecture Kobudo Federation. The chairman of the Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Preservation Society – Bunbukan, he teaches in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa while giving many seminars worldwide.
  • Introduction: This is the 2nd edition of the first ever book in English on Okinawa traditional kobudo and its masters, result of more than 30 years of research. With the precept "Martial arts forbid violence" dating back to the time of the Ryukyuan kingdom in the background, bo, nunchaku and other weapons are introduced in details while the lives of 39 Shurite karate and kobudo masters are presented, result of many interviews with their families. "I hope that reading this book will give the reader an insight on karate and kobudo history and that it will contribute to the diffusion of kobudo."
  • Price: 3500 yen / 45 US$ (shipping included)
  • Number of pages: 234 with many photos from the author, amongst which never seen before
  • Contents: Chapter I: Traditional Kobudo of Okinawa
    Chapter 2: The Kobujutsu Ancient Weapon Arts of Okinawa
    Chapter 3: Genealogy of 39 Bujin
  • Translation: Miguel Da Luz

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