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Okinawa and the reversion era
A picture book about the time before and after 1972
  • Author: Akira Ikemiyagi and Taku Ikemiyagi
  • About the author: Born in Naha in 1949, Akira Ikemiyagi graduated from Chiyoda School of Photography. After working for the Mainichi Shinbun from 1972 to 1977, he founded Ikemiya Shokai Publishing. Taku Ikemiyagi was born in Naha in 1972. A karate practitioner, he now heads Ikemiya Shokai Publishing.
  • Price: 3,200 yen - Approx. 39 US$ (shipping included)
  • Number of pages: A special English edition of 208 pages filled with unique photographies of the 1972 reversion era.
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