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THE OKINAWAN Full Set Package

Three-dimensional paper craft shisa

    Buy the Full set Package and:

  • Get issues No.1 to 8 of The Okinawan magazine
  • SAVE more than 20% off
  • Enjoy more than 400 pages of great Okinawan contents
  • Receive TWO unique paper craft lion-dogs as a gift!

Price: 8,000 yen - Approx. 97 US$ (shipping included)

Three-dimensional paper craft shisa*
For centuries, lion-dogs shisa have been regarded as a talisman that repels the evil spirits bringing misfortune in the Ryukyus. Like guardian angel bringing luck, they look over the neighborhood as they are usually found at entry gates, roofs and hills of villages. Read some more watching at how it is made here.

*This gift is no refundable nor can it be exchanged. This paper craft comes with a manual in English.
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