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THE OKINAWAN Vol. 2, No. 4
Issue published on July 25, 2009

Main articles:
  • Culture: Okinawan Local Heroes, by Miguel Da Luz
  • Nature: Okinawa EXPO '75, by Mark Tupper
  • Karate: Zamami Island: A Small Piece of Paradise, by David Bell
  • People: A stroll in the cradle of karate, by Miguel Da Luz

Sub articles:
  • Editorial, by Miguel Da Luz
  • Sounds of Okinawa: Begin and the Uta no Hi Carnival, by John Potter
  • Past & present: Kinjo-cho Ishidatami, by Mark Tupper
  • A taste of Okinawa in Chicago, by Thomas Corrao
  • In Okinawa, you can "Drive to sunflower fields"
  • In Okinawa, you can "Clean beaches and support the environment"
  • Select shop: Okinawa's most popular characters
  • Okinawan manga, by Hikari Masuko

Translations: the main articles are translated in Spanish, Japanese and French

Price: 1,290 yen - Approx. 16 US$ (shipping included)

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