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THE OKINAWAN Vol. 2, No. 2
Issue published on January 25, 2009

Main articles:
  • Culture: Sakima Michio: A man with a mission, by Miguel Da Luz
  • Nature: Amawari and the children of Kimutaka, by Miguel Da Luz
  • Karate: Tatami, from art to zen, by Keith Graff
  • People: Funakoshi Gichin: The gentle teacher of a deadly art, by Mike Clarke

Sub articles:
  • Editorial, by Miguel Da Luz
  • Sounds of Okinawa: The Ryukyu Festival, by John Potter
  • The Wandering Sage: The new face of the martial arts, by Shannon Roxborough
  • Past & present: Sakaemachi, by Mark Tupper
  • A taste of Okinawa in Indiana, by Jake Skillman
  • One Day in Ginowan, by Kayoko Shimizu and Yuko Yokota
  • In Okinawa, you can "run a marathon"
  • In Okinawa, you can "drink bitter melon juice"
  • Select shop: Okinawan souvenirs
  • Okinawan manga, by Takashi Matsuyama

Translations: the main articles are translated in Spanish, Japanese and French

Price: 1,290 yen - Approx. 16 US$ (shipping included)

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