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Okinawa Karate Tsushin (News) Yearly Subscription
Bringing each month the newest information on Okinawa Karate and Kobudo
  • Publisher: Okinawa Media Planning, Co., Ltd.
  • Editor and staff: Miguel Da Luz, Miwa Kanazawa, etc...
  • Photographers: Fumio Kuroda, Daniel Lopez, etc...
  • Introduction: The Okinawa Karate News has been published in Okinawa since July 2005. It has made itself a name as it is available at the Shureido Shop in Naha City since its beginning. Okinawa Karate News offers the current news about traditional Okinawan karate and kobudo as well as what's happening in Okinawa regarding karate and martial arts, regardless of styles and politics. Foreign organizations affiliated to Okinawa schools also get their news published.
  • One-year subscription: 5,000 yen - Approx. 60 US$ (Shipping included)
  • Number of issues: 12 issues
  • Format: A4, 4 pages, black & white, glossy paper, Japanese and English texts
  • Regular contents: Tsushin hiroba (columns and free space debating various issues), Sekihi shokai (Karate sites and monuments intro), Recent books introduction, Special features, Keijiban (reports on recent past events), and schedule of events

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