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Sounds, images and moves
Might they be martial, performing or musical, Okinawa is a treasure house of arts. Connected to local artists and masters, here is a selection of products that we believe will give you an in-depth view of the essence of Okinawa through DVDs and music CDs. For martial arts enthusiasts, we also have a library of photos of the 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament. Enjoy the browsing of famous and not so famous Okinawa karate practitioners...
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Okinawa Karate Kobujutsu Shinan Volume 1

Description: Okinawa Karate Kobujutsu Shinan Volume 1

Price: 6,380 yen - Approx. 78 US$ (shipping included)

Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Gojuryu DVD-BOX

Description: This 3 DVD box introduces the Goju ryu style of the Yagi Family, who passes on the style of Yagi Meitoku sensei.

Price: 15,500 yen - Approx. 191 US$ (shipping included)

Motobu Udundee by Uehara Seikichi Sensei

Description: This DVD that introduces the famous master Uehara Seikichi was released in 2005 in Japan.

Price: 6,500 yen - Approx. 80 (shipping included)

Indomitable Shorin-ryu Shubukan Uema

Description: A 2 DVD set unveiling the history and training of the Shorin-ryu Shubukan Uema dojo

Price: Approx. 7,000 yen - Approx. 67 US$

Miyazato's DVD

Description: Miyazato Eiko's Karate & Dance DVD

Price: 4,300 yen - Approx. 52 US$ (SOLD OUT)

Okinawa Summer Eisa DVD

Description: Okinawa Summer Eisa DVD

Price: 3,000 yen - Approx. 36 US$ (SOLD OUT)


Kachashii a gogo

Description: Yonaha Toru's Kachashii a gogo

Price: 3,300 yen - Approx. 40 US$ (shipping included)


Description: When Okinawan music meets Bossa Nova

Price: 2,300 yen - Approx. 28 US$ (shipping included)

The photos of the 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament

The 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament was held August 14-16 2009 at the Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts.

During the event, we had two professional photographers, Daniel Lopez and Fumio Kuroda recording all the events of the tournament.

Regarding photo purchasing

  1. Click on the desired photo to see a larger image.
  2. Please e-mail us through our contact page with your requirements (numbers of the photos and size) and we will be in touch very quickly.
  3. Photos are available in 2 sizes: A4 size (210x297mm) and post card size (100x148mm). A4 size photo are 2,000 yen each and post card size photo are 400 yen each to which will be added the shipping cost.
  4. Payment can be made through Paypal or through bank wire for within Japan.
  5. Photos will be airmailed once payment has been confirmed.
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