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Kachashii a gogo
A high rythm CD of Okinawa's best traditional songs
  • Author: Yonaha Toru
  • About the author: Born in 1976, Yonaha Toru is a gifted artist that has brought a new wave of sanshin style while keeping the tradition of Okinawan music well alive. Since 1999, he has played in China, in the USA and in many other countries, helping promote the culture of sanshin guitar to the world.
  • Description: Okinawan music (voice and sanshin)
  • Number of songs: 11 for a total of 47 minutes 38 seconds of great music
  • Label: Respect Record Ltd.
  • price: 3,300 yen - Approx. 40 US$ (shipping included)
  • Contents:
1. Honnen Ondo Listen
2. Kadeeku
3. Tancha me - Ichi hanari-bushi
4. Chatan mekata - Achame gwa
5. Tako yama
6. Hariku yamaku
7. Umi no chinbora Listen
8. Uchina sanba
9. Menta-bushi - Safen-bushi - Inashiri-bushi
10. Ashibi amaka
11. Toshindoi Listen
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by Respect Record Ltd.
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