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Okinawa Summer Eisa
A new DVD released December 2008 presenting Ryukyuan dances, Okinawan music, Martial arts, Karate and Okinawan performing arts
  • Performed by: Yomitan Village Takashiho Youth Association
  • Introduction: Eisa is a drum performances of Okinawa that relates to obon, a 3 day observance when the souls of dead visit their families. Usually performed in villages as an entertainment in summer, eisa has become a vivid and attractive cultural activity enjoyed in Japan and even overseas. Back in Okinawa, Takashiho Youth Association is one of the group preserving the long Okinawan tradition of EISA.
  • Price: 3,000 yen - Approx. 36 US$ (shipping included)
  • Duration: 38 minutes
  • DVD settings: Introduction in Japanese, English and Chinese.
  • Contents:
  • Introduction of Eisa and his history
    1. Asatoya yunta
    2. Kudaka manju suu
    3. Chunjun nagare bushi
    4. Yutaka bushi
    5. Takashiho angwa
    6. keehittori bushi
    7. Ayagu bushi
    8. Toushindoi

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