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Miyazato Eiko sensei's DVD Ryukyu no Yoake (The Dawn of the Ryukyu)
A new DVD released December 2008 presenting Ryukyuan dances, Okinawan music, Martial arts, Karate and Okinawan performing arts
  • Author: Miyazato Eiko
  • About the author: Born in 1945 on Aguni Island, Okinawa, Miyazato Eiko sensei has dedicated his life to mastering Okinawan karate, kobudo and the performing arts of the Ryukyus. Famous for his sickle demonstrations, Miyazato Eiko sensei and his wife Hitomi san are today famous figures in Okinawa and Japan.
  • Introduction: A one hour show introducing Miyazato Eiko sensei life through Ryukyuan Arts, all the scenes of this DVD were shot in Zakimi castle, on the beautiful coast of Okinawa and in Miyazato Eiko Dojo in Ginowan City, Okinawa. Filled with old photos of Miyazato sensei, this DVD unveils famous as well as original performances by Miyazato sensei and highlights many karate and kobudo traditional and original demonstrations.
  • price: 4,300 yen - Approx. 52 US$ (shipping included)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • DVD settings: Region ALL and NTSC video format
  • Language: While the narration is in Japanese, this DVD is essentially a show of dance, karate and performing arts.
  • Contents:
  • Yuzakai-bushi: Ryukyuan dance
    Bojutsu: Bo staff demonstration
    Ashibigukuru: Ryukyuan dance
    Umi-accha: Fisherman dance with fisherman's weapons demonstration
    Hatoma-bushi: One of the most popular high rhythm Ryukyuan dance
    Furusato Aguni jima: Song on sanshin about Miyazato sensei's hometown, Aguni Island
    Uya-umui: Song on sanshin about the importance of the respect and thanks towards parents
    Yakena Kuhadeisa: High rhythm sanshin, taiko drum and Okinawa castanets, with a reversed hand sanshin demonstration
    Suparinpei: Goju ryu supreme kata
    Tsuruken: Matayoshi ryu kata of the crane
    Naginata: Kata of this weapon which was originally a woman's self defense weapon
    Naazato no nunchaku: Miyazato's nunchaku kata
    Shinbaru no sai: Sai or steel truncheon kata
    Sakugawa no kon: On of the major kobudo kata
    Aguni no eiku: oar kata of Aguni
    Aragusuku no manjisai: Manjisai from Aragusuku
    Aragusuku no muuge: The horse bit is the original nunchaku. Here is a kata from Aragusuku
    Mamorigama: Miyazato's most famous weapon demonstration: the sickle or kama. In this DVD, he performs a two hands kama kata and a single rope attached kama kata. Don't miss the cutting scenes
    Bujutsu daiko: A Miyazato original karate dance performance executed on large taiko drum music and including many moves found in Okinawan karate and kobudo weapons
    Hatagashira: Flag poles are found in each district; they are usually performed during festivals
    Ufujishi no mai: An impressive two lion dance performance by Miyazato sensei and his students
    Ryu no mai: The original Miyazato dragon dance executed by 7 people

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