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Martial Arts and Fine Arts
Finding the point of agreement between the two
  • Author: Nakamoto Masahiro
  • About the author: Nakamoto Masahiro is a Hanshi 10th dan black belt in Kobudo and the president of the Okinawa Prefecture Kobudo Federation. The chairman of the Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Preservation Society "Bunbukan", he teaches in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa while giving many seminars worldwide. Meanwhile, Nakamoto sensei is also an accomplished Suiboku painting artist who has trained in China and has exhibited many time in Okinawa and overseas.
  • Introduction: This is the first ever book in English on Martial Arts and Art. Following the path of Bunbu Ryodo, (the sword and the pen), Nakamoto sensei analyzes bujutsu (martial arts) and geijutsu (art) after a life dedicated to both ways.
  • Price: 3,500 yen - Approx. 42 US$ (shipping included)
  • Number of pages: 215 with many original paintings from the author
  • Contents: 146 pages filled with photos pertaining to chopsticks.

  • Part 1: The heart of martial arts found in painting and calligraphy
    1. Searching for the point of agreement between painting and martial arts
    2. Martial arts and Suiboku painting
    3. Breathing and Suiboku painting
    4. The Relationship between the Mokotsu method in Suiboku painting and breathing
    5. Self training in both arts and martial arts

    Part 2: About artwork 1. Ethical preparedness regarding Suiboku painting
    2. Suiboku painting exhibition at “Okiten”
    3. The heart of painting reaching to martial arts
    4. Feeling the beauty of life within art
    5. Japan & France Contemporary Art Exposition bulletin - The highest pride of my life
    6. Purifying the body before painting
    7. The charms of Suiboku painting
    8. Mr. Nakamoto honored at the Japan & France Contemporary Art Exposition
    9. A martial artist publishes a Suiboku album
    10. About calm and action

    Part 3: Artwork chapter
    1. Sei – Calm (Paintings on Ryutan)
    2. Do - Action (Painting on Okinawan Bullfight)
    3. Ju – Softness (The Virtue of Woman)

    Part 4 Chinese martial artists’ calligraphy
    Chinese martial artists’ paintings

  • Translation: Miguel Da Luz

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