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Payment can be executed through Paypal only. For tours, you can either pay the full amount by Paypal or pay in advance 2000 yen by paypal and then the balance when in Okinawa.

For material products, shipment is included in the price except when not specifically mentioned.
Products are sent through Economy Air SAL. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for the good to arrive to destination.
If you wish to use a different shipping method, we will then process your order as a private matter through a estimate → invoice → payment → shipment scheme.

Return of good and reimbursement
A good can be returned if it is defective or if different from the one actually ordered. After checking the product when returned, we will then ship a new product or reimburse the customer through Paypal for no more than the product’s value.

About our products
This site offer two types of products: material and immaterial.
For material goods, we do not take responsibility nor endorse the contents of books, video, etc… that we offer.

About tours in Okinawa
For immaterial products like karate and sightseeing tours, we take no responsibility nor endorse any consequences that would result from training during or after the tour.
These tours are available for adults only.
In case of any trouble or ambiguity, we keep the right to cancel any activity before it starts. In that case, reimbursement will occur up to the amount decided by our company.
Online reservations are available 7 days prior to the current date.

How to reserve a karate tour
  1. Choose your desired tour from Plan A to Plan D.
  2. After checking the price, choose the payment method.
  3. Check the details and tell us your personal information.
  4. After reaching the confirmation page, check your mail box as you should receive an email from us with the details and necessary information regarding your reservation.
  5. Pay the necessary amount to finalize your reservation.
  6. If you choose to pay only the 2000 yen deposit through Paypal, payment must be maid in Japanese YEN in Okinawa prior to the tour starts.

About tour cancellation
Cancel of reservation is accepted according to the rules mentioned below.
In case the reservation is cancelled 7 days prior to the tour day, no cancellation fee will be charged.
In case the reservation is cancelled 7 to 1 days prior to the tour day, a 10% cancellation fee will be charged.
In cases the reservation is cancelled on the tour day, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

About the handling of personal information
We collect personal information (Name, e-mail address, telephone no., etc…) provided through our website only to process daily business like managing requested services and transactions. Such information will in no case be provided to third parties.
In case providing personal information to a contracted partner becomes a necessity, we will first request approval from the person concerned before any disclosure, except when required by laws and ordinances.

For products non mentioned on our website
If there is any products that you might be interested in acquiring that is not listed on our website, feel free to contact us anytime. We will then handle your request on a private base through estimate → invoice → payment → shipment scheme.

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