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THE OKINAWAN Vol. 1, No. 2
Issue published on January 25, 2008

Main articles:
  • Culture: Diary of a dance, by Rachel Stevenson
  • Nature: Mozuku, a brown seaweed treasure of the ocean, by Eiko Nakajima
  • Karate: Telling the story of tradition and daily tools, by Miguel Da Luz
  • People: Learning and living with Kuba, by Ryoko Oshiro

Sub articles:
  • Editorial, by Miguel Da Luz
  • The Wandering Sage: For tradition's sake, by Shannon Roxborough
  • Manga: Welcome to my home
  • An introduction to Okinawan music, by John Potter
  • The Awamori reporter: A cup at a time, but not any cup!, by Asako Tominaga
  • A taste of Okinawa in Osaka, by Tomoko Yamashita
  • One Day in Chatan, by Miki Urasaki
  • Wildlife in Okinawa, by David Bell

Translations: the main articles are translated in Spanish, Japanese and French

Price: 1,290 yen - Approx. 16 US$ (shipping included)

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